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leadership coaching

for real estate agents + teams

Individual, small group, team and webinar coaching packages designed to help you reach your goals.

Having a solid work-life balance, plenty of money to live abundantly, and loving relationships outside of the office is why YOU got into real estate in the first place.

it's time to re-align.

Houston real estate agent
houston real estate broker


As a real estate agent, you've been dreaming of building a multi-million-dollar real estate career, leading thriving teams, and creating long-standing client relationships that foster quality referrals and repeat business.


You envisioned a balanced and abundant life full of luxury, love and a sense of fulfillment. 

Yet you find yourself overwhelmed by the day to day, anxious about shifting markets and slower lead count, and disconnected from family and close friends. You make plans to have fun, but then find yourself feeling too exhausted to actually enjoy it. 

You spend nights and weekends putting in the work that is wreaking havoc on your personal relationships. The lack of delegation and poor processes consistently create 80+ hour work weeks, with little to show for it beyond the busy badge of honor.

The all-consuming business you've aspired to create has overridden your life; leaving you feeling like a stressed-out victim of poor circumstances and conditional confidence.

This is not what you signed up for.

Houston TX real estate agent
Houston tx real estate agent
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Re-align Coaching Program


You can be a highly-successful real estate agent living out of intentionality and operating from proven structure for achieving big goals. You can have a greater sense of fulfillment simply by defining and upholding specific values and a schedule

that supports the life you actually want to live. You can adjust your priorities and increase your focus so you feel in charge of your days, weeks, and months and ultimately realize that your mindset and effort is truly what creates your wealth. 

Haley Garcia houston real estate broker

meet your coach

haley garcia

As a proven top 1% performer, achieving over 20% year over year growth, while also incorporating her 25 years of leadership, business, and personal development training, Haley has cracked the code to becoming an aligned powerhouse in every area of her life. 

Haley is deeply passionate about helping people gain knowledge, insight, and awareness. Through her speaking, executive coaching, and workshops, she has helped hundreds of high-level executives and entrepreneurs harmoniously integrate their life and business to live in alignment with their personal value system.

With 15 years of multi-faceted coaching experience and multiple executive business and life coaching certifications, Haley has perfected the art of raising awareness on how to live a fully integrated life. As a strategic business owner, expert entrepreneur, and spiritually grounded yoga instructor, Haley takes a holistic approach to guiding high-earning business leaders to become elite performers that not only get results, but feel a deep sense of fulfillment across all aspects of their lives.

meet your coach


Marjorie Adam is a passionate leader and founder of The Marjorie Adam Team, a data-driven master of market analysis, a Realtor business coach and esteemed Associate Broker at Nest Realty Group.


Over her 26 years in real estate, Marjorie and her small boutique team have been consistent 1% top producers, and she is highly regarded for her bold marketing, tough negotiating skills, and concierge level service for her clients. Marjorie is most proud of her work-life balance. Her pride around her children and her commitment to her family are her focus. She is a great example of transparency. Marjorie is unapologetically herself and is super comfortable in her skin. Her spirit, her love and passion for coaching and real estate and her tenacity towards her family, friends, and her business are her strengths and she has a passion and love for making others great.


Throughout her 8 years of coaching, Marjorie has inspired her students to live and find THEIR why, maximize their personal strengths, become and remain profitable and regularly shares her industry expertise with Realtors and lenders across the nation.

Marjorie Adams real estate broker
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Re-align Coaching Program


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