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Learn how to create a new set of powerful skills and habits to reach your true authentic greatness. 


Aligning business excellence while mastering life fulfillment

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the Aligned Leader Executive Coaching PROGRAM

This coaching methodology helps you take inventory on your life in order to raise your awareness so you can find deep satisfaction in your life - both professionally and personally.


meet haley garcia


Haley Garcia is a sought-after speaker, award-winning CEO, Founder of the nine-figure business, the Garcia Real Estate Group, and creator of Aligned Leader Executive Coaching.

As a proven top 1% performer, achieving over 20% year over year growth, while also incorporating her 25 years of leadership, business, and personal development training, Haley has cracked the code to becoming an aligned powerhouse in every area of her life. 

Haley is deeply passionate about helping people gain knowledge, insight, and awareness. Through her speaking, executive coaching, and workshops, she has helped hundreds of high-level executives and entrepreneurs harmoniously integrate their life and business to live in alignment with their personal value system.

With 15 years of multi-faceted coaching experience and multiple executive business and life coaching certifications, Haley has perfected the art of raising awareness on how to live a fully integrated life. As a strategic business owner, expert entrepreneur, and spiritually grounded yoga instructor, Haley takes a holistic approach to guiding high-earning business leaders to become elite performers that not only get results, but feel a deep sense of fulfillment across all aspects of their lives.

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Executive leadership program, 1:1 coaching, group coaching and self led courses.

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Real Estate

Re-Align Real Estate Coaching Program with our nationally recognized Real Estate Coaches.


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